[Coco] CoCo Video Player

Steve Bjork 6809er at srbsoftware.com
Wed Mar 16 15:54:56 EDT 2011

Before you send any money I would look at the image on the screen 
first.  It's nothing to drool over.
I seen better images from a out of market UHF station (like 300 miles 
away) and it had snow than picture.

There are things the CoCo can do well, but video is not one of them.
After watching the video demo I would say it can't.

On 3/16/2011 11:08 AM, Sean wrote:
> Yeah, running it on an emulator kind of takes the fun out of it.
> I have Roger's MicroSD Pak, not the Cloud9 Pak, so I am out of luck
> for now.  Guess I may be buying some new hardware for next year's
> show.
> Polish is not very important.  An 8-bit machine playing color video
> would make nerds drool. :)
> Last year the Sock Master bouncing ball demo made the C64 guys shut up
> for awhile.

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