[Coco] New Setup Multi language for CocoDskUtil V 1.0.10 now OK

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 20:22:43 EST 2011

On Mon, 7 Mar 2011, Stephen H. Fischer wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------- 
> The Lotus - Magellan 2.0 install disks may be available:
> http://vetusware.com/download/Magellan%202.0/?id=4032
> I could NOT get the download to start. You may have to register.
> I have no need as I have paid for the program back in 1990 and am using it 
> even now on Vista (2011), but only parts as it is a 8.3 MSDOS file name space 
> program. I have the printed manual.

Same here.  Lotus released it as a freebie at one point, BTW.

> It has some of the features that I hope Luis incorporates into an 
> "OS9DskUtil".

I was always a big fan of Magellan.  I could not get along with a point 
and shoot file manager in my daily work.

On Linux (where I spend most of my time) Midnight Commander fills the 
bill.  Among a myriad of features, it has a really slick API for 
presenting various archive and disk image formats as a virtual filesystem. 
For example, you can select a zip or tar archive and hit enter to browse 
and operate on it as you would a regular directory tree.

Tieing in the toolshed utilities would be trivial, but with cocofuse 
available I've never seen the need.


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