[Coco] Status, anyone?

Jorge Renato Machin Ibarra jorge_machin at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 1 14:27:40 EST 2011

> I concur. And if anyone is fed up with waiting, and if Mark doesn't mind, I'll send them $100 and "buy their spot."
> THAT is the confidence I have in Mark & Boisy.
Me too. We have few hardware developers, but we have the best ones. 

I think if a developer (in a community like ours) is offering prepay orders is because he plans to buy something expensive to develop their product. I like this kind of prepays offers because in someway we can help to have us "new toys".

Yes, sometimes the projects takes more time as planned, sometimes they don't see the light; but we learned a lot with them and in the future we are going to have "better toys".

Jorge Machin

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