[Coco] CVS access to NitrOS9 and Toolshed

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Tue Feb 15 16:07:21 EST 2011

As has been reported on Maltedmedia, Sourceforge was attacked this January and 
to protect all projects, significant changes were made to the site. The projects 
NitrOS9 and Toolshed were down for some time while Sourceforge did maintenance.

These projects are back up, but I for one, have found it impossible to get 
access until today. Sourceforge is now requiring SSH-2 DSA log-ins and the 
programs you use to checkout, update, or commit source code must match the 
Sourceforge protocols.

I may be the only person using a Windows system to obtain and compile these 
Sourceforge projects so I don't know how much this will help others. Still, just 
in case it will help, here is how my WinXP system is set up.
I use TortoiseCVS to obtain the source code from Sourceforge. The Tortoise 
package contains three support programs puttygen.exe, TortoisePlink.exe, and 
pageant.exe which are used to log into Sourceforge with SSH-2 DSA protocols.

You must generate public/private keys with puttygen. Save the private key and 
send the public key to Sourceforge. (Detailed instructions can be found on the 
Sourceforge site.) You must tell TortoiseCVS that SSH protocol will be handled 
by TortoisePlink. Before trying to checkout, update, or commit changes to 
Sourceforge, you must start pageant and tell it which private key to use.

This is all fairly involved and I don't know what software is required for 
non-Windows systems. Nevertheless, the process likely will be similar for any OS.


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