[Coco] using .bas files with disk images

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Fri Dec 30 13:07:34 EST 2011

A further update on this problem suggests a browser or HTML problem rather than 
an emulator problem. A closer look at the tokens which can't be right suggests 
that bits are flipped or random. No text (upper or lower case) is damaged. That 
means all damaged bytes are in the range $80-$F8.
At first I thought there was a bit pattern but there does not seem to be one.

Possible pattern
  Line 6 POKE 80
   Most likely 6 WIDTH 80.
   WIDTH =$E2=11100010
   POKE  =$92=10010010

   Most likely 16 PRINT ** ALL RIGHTS RESERVED **
   PCOPY =$C7=11000111
   PRINT =$87=10000111

No pattern
  Line 24 LOAD(18,5),"Welcome to C-Hawk Ball !"
   Most likely 24 HPRINT(18,5),"Welcome to C-Hawk Ball !"
   LOAD   =$D3=11010011
   HPRINT =$EE=11101110

  Line 56 DOS"Permitted only three timeouts per half."
   Most likely 56 PRINT"Permitted only three timeouts per half."
   DOS   =$E1=11100001
   PRINT =$87=10000111

I don't think we are going to be able to guess the correct command/functions.

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