[Coco] Altera DE1 CoCo3FPGA

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Wed Oct 20 09:47:22 EDT 2010

John Kent wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just joined the the list.
> I finally got delivery of my Altera / TerASIC DE1 board and I have been
> programming it up with Gary Becker's CoCo3FPGA code.
> I'm not terribly familiar with the CoCo as I was introduced to
> microcomputing with a SWTPc compatible system running Flex9 and OS9
> level 1.
> I have been chatting to Aaron Wolfe on the CoCoNet on echolink (an
> amateur radio VoIP system) and they have been talking about drive wire,
> so I was interested to try it out. I've forgotten though how to mount
> disk images under the CoCo BASIC. ( A pretty basic thing to do I know,
> but I'm not normally a CoCo user) I did it some time ago with the
> Digilent Spartan 3 starter board version of the CoCo3FPGA but that was a
> few years ago.
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
> John.

You will need to be more precise with your questions. As asked, "I've forgotten 
though how to mount disk images under the CoCo BASIC", the question is meaningless.
A real Coco does not use disk images but real floppies, 5.25 or 3.5". Emulators 
running on advanced PCs use images and mounting of the disk images is specific 
to individual emulators.

I think you want to know how to mount a .dsk image in Drivewire but I can't be 
sure. If that is what you meant, just start the Drivewire server and click on 
the slots in the Drivewire image and a window should appear asking for the 
location of a .dsk, .or9, or .vhd image.
If you are asking about mounting disk images with the Altera / TerASIC DE1 
board, I haven't a clue.


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