[Coco] Altera DE1 CoCo3FPGA

John Kent jekent at optusnet.com.au
Wed Oct 20 09:25:52 EDT 2010


I've just joined the the list.
I finally got delivery of my Altera / TerASIC DE1 board and I have been 
programming it up with Gary Becker's CoCo3FPGA code.
I'm not terribly familiar with the CoCo as I was introduced to 
microcomputing with a SWTPc compatible system running Flex9 and OS9 level 1.
I have been chatting to Aaron Wolfe on the CoCoNet on echolink (an 
amateur radio VoIP system) and they have been talking about drive wire, 
so I was interested to try it out. I've forgotten though how to mount 
disk images under the CoCo BASIC. ( A pretty basic thing to do I know, 
but I'm not normally a CoCo user) I did it some time ago with the 
Digilent Spartan 3 starter board version of the CoCo3FPGA but that was a 
few years ago.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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