[Coco] Drivewire help needed

Jeremy Michea jmichea at cogeco.ca
Mon Oct 18 17:33:04 EDT 2010

Hi, I meant I loaded the drivewire server as I usually do. I'm not sure what 
an MPI is but I just plugged the rompak into the cart slot as I would any 
other rompak.

Yes, I'm using a coco 3 with the coco 3 version of the rompak:


Is the message just before the OK prompt.

Let me ask this: What text normally shows up in the log window of the 
drivewire server while loading virtual disks? I'm trying to remember and I 
don't think anything did before today, which was why I thought all these 
lines about checksums was very strange and indicitive of a problem.

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> Jeremy Michea wrote:
>> I've been using drivewire just fine using the cassette cable method of 
>> getting
> > the HDB-DOS rom loaded but got tired of the constant loading so I 
> > ordered and
> > recieved the rompak version of HDB-DOS today.
>> I loaded up my coco 3 with the rompak and then I loaded up drivewire as I 
>> usually do
> Jeremy, what do you mean by "as I usually do"? Previously you loaded 
> Drivewire
> from tape. With the ROM pak, Drivewire should load when you turn the Coco 
> on.
> Are you sure you have the Coco3 version ROM pak? What startup message do 
> you see
> when turning on the Coco3? Is the ROM pak in the cartslot or do you use an 
> MPI?
> If MPI, are you pointing to the ROM pak or a different slot?
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