[Coco] How much memory

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sat Nov 27 19:23:55 EST 2010

Frank Swygert wrote:
> One little nit though -- BASIC can't address 512K, not without a
> lot of modification anyway. BASIC is still limited to 64K without bank
> shifting some of the RAM or using some other tricks.

I have to take issue with this statement, Frank. :)

Super Extended Basic on the Coco3 can and does use more than 64K whenever you 
use the high res text or graphics screens. There are quite a few programs that 
combine Basic and ml programs to use the full 512K memory.
As already stated by others, OS-9 can easily use 2Megs of memory but 
unfortunately the operating system itself can't use more than 2Megs.

Keep in mind the boards by Paul Barton that had 8-16Megs of memory. So any new 
"Coco" should have at least 2Megs.

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