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That would be GREAT. dml_68 at yahoo.com is my correct email address to attach the disk image too. Thank you and thanks for your reply and help the other day



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Derek wrote:
> Right now using drivewire 3 I am loading the DOS rom via the cassette audio cable
> connected to my PC headphone jack. The ROM is a .wav file on the PC and i cloadm:exec
> on the coco to load it.
> It is possible to transfer the ROM to a disk and load from a real floppy rather than
> having to use the cassette cable and wav file on the PC? If so does anyone have a .dsk
> image of this already made?
> If I have the rom images loaded on the coco how could I save it as a file on disk?
> Thanks for all the help on my previous questions. Been having fun getting DW3 hooked
> up and working.

Yes, you can create a disk for the Coco from which you can LOADM the Drivewire 
ROM. However, it is not as simple as doing a CLOADM because you can't load 
something into the Disk ROM area without killing the load process.
You offset LOADM the ROM to say $3000, then LOADM a routine to move the ROM to 
$C000, and finally start the ROM.

I can send you a .dsk image with the required code if you know how to create a 
Coco floppy from the .dsk image.

Is your Yahoo address the correct address for sending the .dsk image?

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