[Coco] Seeking: ECB ROM chip

Mark Ormond markormond at mtxsystems.com
Wed Nov 24 15:19:54 EST 2010

I'm going to guess that his eprom programmer is isa based and the computer doesn't have usb boot.
(I used to have one like that, pain in the butt getting images onto the 360k floppies that was the largest it supported, my burner only supported 8088 computers)

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>>to figure out a decent "sneakernet" as my new PC has no floppy, but DOS
>>doesn't use USB devices without a *lot* of heartburn...

Since when?
We boot MSDOS on USB drive where i work, for testing hard drives.
There is no heartburn whatsoever, and no special prep involved. You
make the USB drive bootable, pop it in, power on, and it's booted.

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