[Coco] dw 3

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Mon Nov 22 23:23:45 EST 2010

Aaron Wolfe wrote:

> In the alternate mode of dw4, you can define an infinite number of
> disks sets where each of the 256 slots in the set points to a local
> .dsk file or a URL where a .dsk file lives.  Still, only one disk set
> can be loaded at a time, and they are still referenced as disks 0-255.

OK, now that is understandable. The main problem seems to be a semantics one as 
it has been hard to follow exactly what was meant by the DW4 alternate mode. So, 
the alternate DW4 mode permits many more .dsk images mounted in the server. That 
to me seems major overkill.

Even in the DW4 alternate mode there is still no built-in good method for moving 
files from one .dsk image to another, which was the question of the original 
message in this thread.
As things stand, all copies or backups from one .dsk image to another must go 
through a floppy or a RAM disk. The RAM disk is great for a Coco3 but is not 
possible with a Coco1 or 2.
I feel a more valuable DW4 alternate mode would permit access to four .dsk 
images at the same time. Then Coco1 and 2 users could move files directly from 
one mount on the server to another. Maybe there is no reasonable way to program 
that given how HDBDOS works.

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