[Coco] What would a CoCo successor have to have as a minimum?

Luis Fernández luis45ccs at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 19 18:06:51 EST 2010

Hi all
wonderful presentation
I'm new
but I think we might be pointing out and up to several roads

In particular I will start a thread on the emulator on Windows and Linux and 
can be in max

owners do not know if the emulators will want to improve but there are real 

at least fails me months to upload a bas change commands and words, others 
are blurry, perhaps it is configuration problem, if anyone knows help me 
appreciate it., can be private.

the jeff. the path is not long and is very uncomfortable to menus, but is 
excellent in others

Yo I can program parts if we rely on one source abated.

You have to make a list of those who can help and can provide.

and set guidelines.

excuse my English. I speak Spanish


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