[Coco] Why do a next Gen CoCo?

Steve Bjork 6809er at srbsoftware.com
Fri Nov 19 00:01:11 EST 2010

I met Jeri Ellsworth a while back, shortly after she created her 
Commodore 64 "on a chip".  She is gifted and a hard working person that 
loves technology.

We could create a CoCo on a chip too.  But, it would be costly.  There 
is just not the same demand for a CoCo like there was for her project.

That's why I wanted to use cheap PC hardware since you can get them for 
almost free these days.  After all, most of us one or more PCs laying 

Steve Bjork

On 11/18/2010 8:03 PM, Luis Fernández wrote:
> Dear All
> I'm new at this
> I do not speak very well English
> so sorry
> with respect to the 4 I have a coconut, I think great suggestion
> I have also a commodore 64
> and acquired a joystick that had a commodore in a single chip
> pc keyboard interface, floppy interface and / or think dd
> commodore 64 30 games in one joystick
> not a little game is a complete computer with ram rom basic interpreter
> sound, everything, but can pc keyboard and much more
> would be wonderful to make coconut 4 of the way

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