[Coco] Gently, please

Little John sales at gimechip.com
Tue Nov 16 04:29:53 EST 2010

Hey Steve,
I wasn't implying that I was going to abandon the list. I just meant I would 
try to refrain from posting any remarks that might get something started. I 
had assumed that I was partly responsible for all of the hoopla resulting 
from the new guys posts... but I see now he was posting all sorts of 
responses to everyone and not just me...
Really, my Son and Myself enjoy this list and helping out anyway we can (I 
often spend hours offlist helping folks with requests that I get in the 
email... I find it quite enjoyable...)
That being said, even though the new guy seems to have gotten off on the 
wrong foot, I still offer my assistance to him in any matters relating to 
the CoCo... all he need do is ask and I'll do what I can to help him as I 
would anyone else...

Thanks guys - you all reinforce my belief that this is the best little 
vintage computing community out there.

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> I'm Glad you pointed it out Dennis.
> I was about to post a message to the "newbe" Steven Triller to what this 
> group was all about.
> And Little John, I don't believe Dennis message was directed towards your 
> posts.  I get annoyed too when threads are "hi-Jacked" for any reason. 
> (Is it so hard to change the subject line?)
> Please let me add that you (little John) is a great addition to our little 
> group!
> And thanks for all your CoCo work.
> Steve Bjork
> On 11/15/2010 7:58 PM, Little John wrote:
>> Sorry Dennis - I didn't mean to start a ruckus - I was simply annoyed 
>> that threads were being "hi-jacked" with political banter rather than 
>> CoCo content - won't happen again :-)
>> JohnT
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>>> Hi all,
>>> Please remember the topic of the list. Try to keep the personal issues 
>>> distant from the discussion.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Dennis
>>> Your friendly albeit tyrannical list manager
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