[Coco] How much memory

Becker, Gary Gary.Becker at amd.com
Fri Nov 26 21:48:54 EST 2010

I was just wondering, how much memory could a CoCo3 realistically use. BASIC can only address 512K. NitrOS-9 can address a lot more, but it has a fixed amount of system resources and after they are used, any additional RAM is wasted. A RAM drive is a good way to utilize a bunch of additional RAM. Compiling C programs from a RAM drive is definately a lot faster than from a HDD. Which of these three options is better?

1 1.5 Meg of memory that is able to run at 25 MHz.

2 512K at 25 MHz and 8 or more Meg for a RAM Drive that can be accessed at 3.5 MHz or less.

3 Eight or more Meg of RAM that can be accessed at 3.5 MHz or less.

Please limit to these three options.


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