[Coco] CCASM Cross Assembler 5.2 released

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Mon Mar 8 04:10:48 EST 2010

And finally, ** CCASM 5.2 ** which can crunch the CoCoNet client into 
a 16k ROM in about a second.


To build the ROM you'll need to merge the CoCoNet .bin over a copy of 
Disk BASIC 1.1.  Fortunately, CCASM can do this for you.

Here's how it's done from the Rainbow IDE:

cm "CoCoNet_28.asm"  -rompatch=e:\decb11.rom -o="Files\coconet.bin"
[No Errors]
LOADM'ing the patch file into the 64K address space...
Writing the new patched copy of the ROM image (c:\coconet.rom)...
Writing the new ROM as a Disto MPROM EPROM burner file (c:\coconet.mp)...
saved patched ROM

What's happening here:
CCASM assembles the coconet_28.asm file into a multi-record 
LOADM'able (16k) coconet.bin file, THEN overlays coconet.bin over a 
copy of (8k) decb11.rom.  A new (16k) ROM is saved out as a CoCo 
1/2/3 compatible CoCoNet-enhanced copy of Disk BASIC.
Deposited on drive c:\ will be coconet.rom (raw ROM) and coconet.mp 
(Disto MPROM loadable ROM)

Maybe CCASM 5.3 will output the ROM files to your own location... I 
just made it work at the time, you see.
~ Roger Taylor

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