[Coco] CoCoNet Server for Windows uploaded

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Mon Mar 8 02:54:07 EST 2010

This is CoCoNet 1.0, so don't be surprised if some error trapping was 
left out here and there.


Install the server on your PC.  For bitbanger connections, use 115200 
bps, 2 stop bits, and whatever COM port your cable is connected to 
(duh).  For 6551-based connections like the wireless pak, use 115200 
bps, and 1 stop bit.

If you want to boot NitrOS-9 over the 6551 link, a copy of 
nitros9_coconet.dsk can be mounted by typing:

The .dsk is in the root folder of the server app, which is stored no 
telling where on your PC due to how Visual Studio makes the 
installer.  Blows my mind why it's not in C:\Program Files\CoConet
If you don't specify a root drive for your remote paths, CoCoNet 
looks in it's own folder.

note the underscore is made by SHIFT-UP on the CoCo which appears as 
a left arrow.

The bitbanger bootable version of NitrOS-9 is lost here somewhere in 
the mess and I will upload it if I find it.
~ Roger Taylor

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