[Coco] usb to serial adaptors and drivewire

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 18:59:26 EDT 2010

Hi Jeremy,

I have am using a USB to Serial adaptor with my Coco3, and it works very 
The model number on mine is UC-232A. Not sure of the manufacturer, but it's 
made in China :)

Regards, Bob Devries

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Subject: [Coco] usb to serial adaptors and drivewire

> Hi again, another question on the same subject. Has anyone used one of 
> these usb to serial ports to attach a drivewire cable to a coco? Just 
> wondering how reliable these $2 devices can be before I bother ordering 
> one and will drivewire work via these things versus a direct 9pin serial 
> connection?
> Thanks
> Jeremy
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