[Coco] OS-9 DS floppy config - SUCCESS!

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Yea I don't know about the rest of you but I get enough headaches already without adding headbanging to the list of causes.

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Thank you for the documentation.  I just might save some of the rest of us some head banging.

Bruce W.


> Big thanks to everyone for throwing ideas at me to keep me from giving up.
> I was finally able to get a copy of the BOOTFIX and it patched my OS9Gen'd
> double-sided disk like a charm!  (Thanks Bob!)
> I will be using the resulting disk as a base for memory/disk storage
> intensive apps and other needs.  Basically, we have a OS-9 Level 1 > v2.00.00
> kernel on a double-sided 40-trak disk that has the d0, d1 devices in same
> configuration as the default NitrOS9, but loads with 160 free mem pages
> instead of 142.  I figure if I ever need to add OS-9 driver modules, it > will
> be more memory efficient to work from this base instead of OS-9 (If memory
> is a critical factor).
> In case anyone's interested, I outlined what it took for me to get the
> original Tandy OS-9 level 1 v2.00.00 set up this way.
> 1.       Get copy of DESKMATE (original, not the CoCo3 version)  This
> Deskmate has a streamlined OS-9 Level 1 v2.00.00 boostrap/kernel.very lean
> on memory.
> 2.       (from NitrOS9 or OS-9 system disk) Use SAVE to store the > bootstrap
> modules to a 'modules' disk.
> 3.       Boot NitrOS9 and save 3 modules to same 'modules' disk: RB1773, > D0,
> D1
> 4.       Use OS9Gen from OS9 to rebuild a new boot disk replacing the > CCDISK
> with the RB1773 and using the NitrOS9 versions of D0, d1.  This gives you > a
> OS-9 boot disk (still single sided) that recognizes double-sided disks and
> has 6ms step rate.
> 5.       Boot the new disk and use NitrOS9's FORMAT to make a double-sided
> 40-track blank.  Use OS9's COBBLER to put the boot onto this double-sided
> disk.  At this point the bootstrap is corrupted
> 6.       Run BOOTFIX on the new disk
> 7.       Make the CMDS directory and SAVE out a SHELL plus whatever else > you
> need.
> 8.       Voila!  This disk will be double-sided and boot OS9 with access > to
> double-sided disks just like NitrOS9 and have plenty of free ram at boot.
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