[Coco] OS9 Lvl 1 rev 2.00.00 - double sided floppy configuration

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 05:31:22 EDT 2010

Thinking about this some more.....

Will Chad still require the BOOTFIX module, or should I send him OS9Gen and 
Cobbler from NitrOS9 as well?

Chad, the "fix" will be a multiple step process as I remember it....

"Convert" your present OS9Boot file to Double-sided working by replacing the 
CCDISK driver module and the descriptors D0 and D1 with their NitrOS9 
equivalents. This will leave you with a disk which is still single sided, 
but when booted, will have double-sided working.

To get a bootable double sided system, you need to then format a double 
sided disk, and cobbler the boot file to it. Sadly, the original OS9 Level 1 
Cobbler (and OS9Gen, too I think) were not coded for DS working, so they 
will try to put the boot track (usually on track 35) on the wrong track. You 
can fix this (I'm presuming here that NitrOS9 fixed this...) by replacing 
Cobbler and OS9Gen with modules from the NitrOs9 distribution.

If you like, I can add those to the disk image I already sent and resend.

Regards, Bob Devries
Dalby, QLD, Australia

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> Ok, I'm revisiting this issue under the old OS-9 level 1 rev 2.00.00 
> because
> NitrOS9, while it provides DS/DD 5.25" floppy access already, eats up too
> much memory even after I removed as many modules as I could get away with
> and still have it boot  (unless I can find a good NitrOS9 disk 2 'modules'
> that I can somehow use to strip it down even further).
> Right now, I can get 141 pages free using MFREE at NitrOS9 bootup.  OS9 is
> getting 162 pages.  I need the extra memory.  Anyone know a way to
> re-configure or replace the floppy driver in OS-9 level 1 rev 2.0.00 to 
> get
> it to Double-sided 40-track?  (Just like it is in NitrOS9)
> Thanks
> -          Chad
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