[Coco] NitrOS9 (Disk 2 - Modules)

Chad H chadbh74 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 6 01:45:21 EDT 2010

I'm still having problems accessing this disk image.  I tried the latest
"stable" release from 2008, the current nightly builds, all same results.  I
am getting the Level 1, 40-track CoCo variant for my physical CoCo 2.  When
I get a DIR of the disk I see the CMDS directory with several utilities
inside as well as the NITROS9 directory in root.  However, when I try
getting a directory of the NITROS9, all I get back is Error #247. 


I'm trying to get to the scripts to make custom boot setups using this disk
per the instructions in the NitrOS9 manual but the image for Disk 2 seems no
good!  Can someone please advise what's going on!?  Thanks.


-          Chad

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