[Coco] A little tip jar in the right side bar...

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sun Sep 27 17:17:15 EDT 2009

On Sunday 27 September 2009, Roger Taylor wrote:
>Well pals, perhaps this is the best time to say,
>The only thing I can see keeping the site and efforts afloat is "a
>little tip jar in the right sidebar".
>All the coco3.com hosting fees are due on Oct 7 and Oct 10.  I've got
>no shame in saying that I can't afford to keep giving at this
>time.  In 2008-2009 I gave more to the cause than I've gotten back,
>mainly by selling wireless paks below cost and investing in the
>materials to make other pak-related gadgets.
>If anybody here over 40 with a family tells you that the economy
>hasn't crashed in their neighborhood, then I'd have to say they're
>not being honest, or that they're filthy rich and just haven't
>noticed the real world lately.  Around here it's nothing but budget
>right now, more so than ever before.
>To make a long story short, coco3.com goes offline on Oct 7 if there
>is lacking support shown.  I'm trying to get pending orders shipped
>out now while new ones are creeping in like a snail, which means
>items that cost money to fullfill will probably be removed
>soon.  Yes, it's been an actual business for a long time with
>thousands of sales receipts to prove it, but times are tough and
>money isn't moving anymore.  That's life.  So be it.
>Anyway, the thing about this tip jar is that you get to enter your
>URL and link text and it gets put in a Link Cloud immediately with
>the larger links going to the higher donators.  They stay there for 1
>full year and show up on every page of the site.  So that's an extra
>part of the widget I chose out of about 20 others like "buy me a
>beer" or "buy me a pizza" and lazy stuff like that.
>This should keep the site online, and of course I'll always be there
>regardless of the situation... just gotta have a site to work on!  :)

I just made a small donation to the cause, now lets see the rest of you get 
your name in lights too!

Cheers, Gene
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