[Coco] Mary and the Bees download

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sun Sep 27 15:32:20 EDT 2009

The story behind "Mary and the Butterflies" starts during a 
conversation in the live chat room about a game that Nick Marentes 
was supposedly thinking about writing, called Mary's Mayhem (I 
think), and was to be based on a tornado chasing our own Mary 
Kramer.  I don't know all the details, but time went by with no 
response from anybody on the idea, so I started out to make such a 
game.  I'm pretty sure it was crunch time at work that left me with 
less time to develop the game further but at least I got enough done 
to turn it into some other kind of chase.  And that is, Mary is in a 
yard with tons of butterflies and bees swarming the sky.  She has to 
catch all the butterflies she can without being stung by a bee.  It's 
that simple.  The score rises for each catch, and falls when she 
hides behind a tree.  The game ends when any bee plants a stinger in her rump.

The game has now been renamed and published as Mary and the Bees, 
since people were calling it that anyway.  It has background music, 
joystick or keyboard control, RGB/CMP.

Mary and the Bees - CoCo 3 game - for download to registered coco3.com users


You can launch this from the site if you have the VCC CoCo emulator 
installed, ya know.
~ Roger Taylor

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