[Coco] CoCo Forums repaired and blogified

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sun Sep 27 03:50:55 EDT 2009


I'm redoing the maltedmedia archives to filter out the e-mail addresses.

In the meantime.. guess what!

Thanks to Lothan for his excellent work with the two coco3.com CoCo 
Forums that were hosted from 2003-2007 and 2007-2009, all of these 
posts including the "lost" posts are now blogified.

In other words, you're posts are back, Steve!  Search for 6809er and 
not only will you get all your CoCo Forum stuff, but stuff from the 
80's for crying out loud.

Here's the good part:

Most posts have been relinked to the original author's accounts at 
the new coco3.com.  This means you can delete or edit your old 
posts.  For now this is probably limited to the CoCo Forum 
content.  "CoCo Forum" and "CoCo Forums" were of course the coco3.com 
hosted forums.

In the case you can't login under your previous coco3.com username 
and the Lost Password is reporting no e-mail is on file, contact me 
for a lookup or just create a new account and let me know your old 
nickname whenever you have time, and I'll merge it all into your new one.

LOTHAN has red carpet status for pulling off the otherwise impossible 
magic of processing the old SQL files into WordPress XML import files.

I realize the job is hard because I'm having to do it for the old 
mailing list and Delphi/Compuserve archives, but now it's starting to 
get Real Fun!!

~ Roger Taylor

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