[Coco] No email address to stop spammers.

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sun Sep 27 01:53:27 EDT 2009

At 12:41 AM 9/27/2009, you wrote:
>It's too easy for spammers to pull "somebody at somedomain.com" as 
>"somebody at somedomain.com" and add it to their spam list.
>As for giving out the email address in the first place...
>I don't want spammers to get my email address if it is good.  As for 
>bad email addresses, what good does it do to give them out anyway?
>Including email addresses is just a bad idea any way you look at it.
>I find that my client's number way they get their email address on a 
>spam list is because some stupid posted it on a public webpage.
>Maybe you should try a system like I use on my client's site that 
>never posts an email address unless a person is logged in on the site.
>(And never use auto create for new accounts.  Also have a person 
>review the account before it is active.)

I've got the login scheme under control.

The e-mail address issue is a matter of filtering unwanted content 
from all the imported archives.  Part of building a database is 
deciding what to discard.  The least I discard the more preserved 
these archives will remain.  As for the "somebody at somedomain.com", 
that's already been in use among us for many years and I doubt that a 
few days of coco3.com postings will make any difference whatsoever, 
so let's be careful not to get all nervous when all these posts have 
been sitting on the web for years being plucked by anybody out 
there.  I am simply presenting the data in another way.

I'll fix it, of course.  Thanks for pointing these issues out to 
me.  I can't sleep good at night knowing everyone else can't either.  :)

~ Roger Taylor

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