[Coco] Emulator

Paul Fitch pfitchjr at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 6 12:35:18 EDT 2009

Wayne, I run VCC 1.4 on my home XP Professional system (32bit) and on my XP
Home netbook (also 32bit).  With no issues.  I've also not found the utility
set for Nitros to be "less" useful than the stock OS-9 utils.  IMO, they are
much better.  Of course, when compared to the 68k versions, where available,
the OS-9 Lvl 2 utils do have less functionality.  I've always believed it
was a size/space thing.

The previous release of VCC had a modifiable keyboard matrix, but it had

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> For what it's worth, the MESS emulator is the ONLY CoCo 
> emulator, that I have found so far, that even runs on my 
> laptop. Vcc doesn't, and there are a couple others I found 
> that wouldn't run. They were all written in 16-bit code, and 
> XP Professional running in a 32-bit environment just won't 
> allow those programs to launch.

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