[Coco] keyboard layout

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Sat Sep 5 16:32:39 EDT 2009


Based on an investigatation I did years ago for OS-9.

There are keys that produce multiple characters for one key press.
Some characters cannot be generated.
There are multiple keys that produce the same character.

A real mess trying to fix mess for OS-9.


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>I am trying to find a copy of the original CoCo manual from Tandy, that has 
>the keyboard key combinations for all of the type-able characters. I need 
>this in order to understand how the Mess emulator maps the keyboard. Can 
>anyone help? The Mess documentation only states that it emulates the 
>keyboard based on position of the key on the keyboard in the computer being 
>emulated. Since I don't remember all of the key press combinations, it's 
>difficult for me to know which character occurs where on the keyboard.
> Can anyone help?
> Wayne
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