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I have also been through the challenge of the writing to read only address space and then supporting the CoCo1-3 address maps, as they are not equal.

Couple the SuperIDE's hardware with Boisy's SuperDriver and look out.....

So much more to do, so little free time. Work, which has had nothing but layoffs. Our lab had 21 people in it in June, we are now at 6. Hope and change.....Ok, I won't go there. :) 

Family, vacations, etc....Trying to catch up on a bunch of emails in my inbox.....



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Wow, very nice stuff from cloud 9.  thanks Mark!  You set a high bar
for the rest of us recreational hardware/software developers.

If anyone is interested in Model 100 stuff, I make a flash based
memory /storage system for those machines.
see www.istop.com/~sadolph.

It has been a very challenging design for me, and I've enjoyed it a
lot.  The hardware was very tricky, and the firmware went through a
ton of optimization.  A big challenge was "writing" to a socket that
is read-only.

Seems to me there are not many cross-interested TRS-80 keeners.  Seems
like it is mostly one flavour or another, but not more than one ;).

cheers, Steve

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