[Coco] Thousands of 1994 Delphi messages coming tomorrow

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Wed Sep 16 22:57:15 EDT 2009

I had no idea Delphi was so active back then.  This was before I even 
used forums or had Windows, for crying out loud.

Luckily I grabbed a free .txt file combiner where you can tag an 
entire folder and out comes a single .txt file.  This is about 4 megs 
for 1994 and I'm going through removing some of the escape sequences 
and ?more? type prompts... some of the files were obviously captured 
into an ASCII buffer; others were raw dumps.

There is a LOT of content waiting to be converted and imported.  The 
search bar at the top of coco3.com will probably be the most popular 
widget on the site, as there is no way on Earth somebody can read all 
this stuff or follow all the threads.

And I haven't even touched the Compuserve or Ocean BBS files yet... 
which is an insanely large number of CoCo posts, all with valuable information.

~ Roger Taylor

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