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Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Thu Sep 10 23:26:16 EDT 2009

Hear Ye Hear Ye,

The 2004-2007 CoCo Forums have been..... REBORN

Give Lothan a huge round of applause for cranking out the conversion 
tool and turning the 2004-2007 CoCo Forums into a WordPress import 
file.  You can clearly see that 3 years of posts and comments are 
fully recovered and now exist in the article system.

Some old nicknames were automatically mapped to the same user if he 
was signed up at the new site, and I forced some authors to map to 
their new nicknames, so some of you will see your old posts are 
RECLAIMED under your new account.  Comments/replies that fall under a 
given topic/post will soon be assigned to their rightful poster, but 
give me time with this.


About the 2007-2009 CoCo Forums (still online):

If Steve Bjork and the handful of hacker-attempt victims are reading:

I see 60+ posts for Steve Bjork (6809er) hidden in the SQL 
database.  Nothing is lost.

Steve gave me a certain amount of time to come up with a solution.  I 
had no solution until days ago.  I'm a very busy man but when I saw 
that he "left", it prompted me to stop everything for a few days and 
focus on not only fixing the forum problem but moving even further 
ahead by gathering up every Bjork post known to exist on the web, as 
well as Yours and Mine...  oh what fun this will be to keep peace in 
the community by bringing us all back together in a way nobody has 
tried before.

I need to rely on other coders and volunteers to make some of this 
happen due to the overwhelming amount of posts at hand.  I should be 
good with most of the text-based content but any SQL data is hard for 
me to process at this time.

Whoever else had their stuff vanish can send me a quick request and 
I'll do a search for your nickname to see about how many posts still 
exist but hidden, just for peace of mind so you can sleep better 
knowing that these posts are coming back....

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