[Coco] FD-50X series power supplies

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Well the replacement candidate PSU units I found are not the originals, they
aren't even old they're brand new.  I wouldn't even know where to begin
looking for those originals.
I'm running the original FD-502 Drive 0 plus a 2nd 5.25 360k drive pulled
from old PC-XT and installed a small 12vdc cooling fan just to be safe so I
believe I'm running what the power supply was intended for.  I was just
wondering about the minimum power requirements for this setup.  A
car/truck's 12vdc system would supply way more than enough power (but what
about the 5vdc?) I just want to make sure the replacement is rated at enough
amps to run the dual floppy+fan setup.  The PSU unit's I'm looking at are
designed for PC 4-pin Molex power applications  (Same hookup as the PC-XT
drive, would just have to match wiring for the original 502 drive with mini
"3.5 floppy" type connector.)

Here are 2 candidates I'm looking at right now.

Internal?  Trying to find out size dimensions on these.

External.. http://www.svc.com/pa-ad-ul.html

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The FD-501 & 502 were a little under rated in that Radio Shack installed a 
fan with the dual disk drive installations.  It appears to be more of a 
cooling issue than a part rating issue though.  I have used CPU fans from 
dead PCs instead of Radio Shack's can motor kludge.

In short, I have not seen a disk drive power supply fail from normal use.  I

have even bypassed the transformer and plugged in to the truck's "12 volts" 
without any problems.

Bruce W.

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From: "Chad H"

>I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of the FD-500, 501, or 502
> floppy systems' power supplies ever going bad.
> -          Chad

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