[Coco] 10 years of Delphi posts (1985-1995)

James Hrubik jimhrubik at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 3 12:15:14 EDT 2009

I don't know if we will ever get all of the stuff back.  My congrats  
to Roger for the outstanding dedication to getting this as far as he  
has.  I know that I posted quite frequently on Delphi in the late  
80's.  There was a goodly amount of "social" chatter that occurred in  
those days, just as now, and I'm hoping that a lot more of the OT  
stuff will show up.  Yes, at the time the OT stuff is posted it may  
tend to irritate the very serious among us, but looking back a decade  
or more, some of it is hilarious, and it provides a peek into our  
quirks and foibles.  Or maybe that is a reason why some people would  
prefer it never again sees the light of day??  %^D  Ever look back at  
the old photos of folks you know in tie-dyed T-shirts and leisure  
suits?  The emails are literary photographs.

Good work, Roger.  I certainly have no complaints about your efforts.


On Oct 3, 2009, at Saturday, October 3, 2009 - 11:34 AM, Steve Bjork  

> Roger,
> The search is not a very good example of my post. A great number of  
> posts that use the term of "6809er" in the body that I've never  
> part of.  Near the top of the list, I never posted as part of both  
> "Kaboom! For Coco 1/2?" and "The Future" messages.
> But you still have the same problem as before, the 100's of posts  
> that I've made on your website are still lost.  I only count 5 post  
> that been recovered.  As the caretaker of the information, you  
> should spend more time repairing YOUR database before adding others.
> Steve
> Roger Taylor wrote:
>> Words can't even describe what's been brought back here.   
>> Literally everything about the CoCo is spoken in these 10 years of  
>> Delphi posts.  I see source code, technical specs, hacks, pokes,  
>> peeks, fest news, software and game reviews, tutorials,  
>> conversations, debates, and thousands of other topics from people  
>> who are still with us and people who have passed on.  Stuff you  
>> had no clue about can be found in these posts.  A lot of people  
>> with us today obviously were very active back in the 80's, and  
>> they have hundreds of messages to prove it.
>> If *you* want to see your old Delphi messages.... just enter your  
>> old nickname, first name, or full name in the search box in the  
>> left sidebar and maybe you'll get a surprise.
>> One example is seeing all the Steve Bjork posts spew out in a  
>> listing ready to explore.  It's amazing.
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