[Coco] serial pak possibilities

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sun Oct 11 19:35:40 EDT 2009

Here's some photos of one of my serial paks with the header mounted 
on the outside of the case.  Such a pak lets the user do what he 
wants with the signals since they are obviously exposed for that purpose.


Other plug-ins are being developed or looked into... one of which 
will be a hit in my house for sure.  Maybe by Xmas I can have that one ready.

The serial pak can be made with the header inside or out, but 
naturally the best project pak has the header on the outside.  I can 
make them anyway you like... just know that there's an EPROM socket 
and serial socket on each pak, so when CoCoNet or something else 
exciting is released that can plug into the pak, you should be set by 
having any pak.  All efforts will be made to fit the "secret" plug-in 
I mentioned above inside the case so existing wireless pak users can 
convert their pak if they choose to, even if a narrow ribbon cable 
has to be used to relocate the plug-in.
~ Roger Taylor

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