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Forwarding on behalf of Jim Elbourne...

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The name is Jim Elbourne I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The stuff is a CoCo 2, CoCo 3, monitor, 2 floppy drives, a bunch of programs some on those plug in cartridges and some on floppies. a couple of joy sticks and other assorted stuff. I got a PC in 2001 this stuff was packed up and stored and has not been  touched since. I am getting old (85) and forgotten everything I ever knew about the CoCo and basic so better start getting rid of it.
Don't know anything about the MaltedMedia CoCo list.Any help would be appreciated


theother_bob wrote:
> Have you posted to the MaltedMedia CoCO list? If you don't want to register to send to it, I can forward the info...
> What kind of stuff and where are you located?
> Bob
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> Have a bunch of COCO stuff would like to get rid of. If you know anyone that may be interested please email me.
> Thanks  Jim


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