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Jim Cox nutz4coco at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 01:56:25 EDT 2009

That story beats the time I had to self-Heimlich myself at the mall while
choking on an Orange Julius hot dog.  The lady standing next to me just gave
me a condescending look like "Why the Hell are you doing disrupting my
lunch" and walked off, but then again that's Bellevue WA. for you.

Jim Cox

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 10:29 PM, Roger Taylor <operator at coco3.com> wrote:

> Your fellow webmaster and CoCo friend almost bit the dust today.  Not like
> the high speed rollover I had a few years back or the time I slammed into
> the back of a highly flammable gas canister truck, but something different.
> A family backyard picnic today turned into chaos today.  The kids woofed
> down their hot dogs and jumped back in the pool and started feuding again as
> usual.  I finally got to sit down with a huge steak and some sliced sausage.
> On about my second big bite of steak I didn't chew it nearly long enough.
>  I bet you can figure the rest out.  When it got hung and wouldn't cough up,
> I decided to try to swallow it harder, then it *really* got stuck.  No air
> flow at all, guys.  I jumped up and tried to cough it out for 30 seconds
> with no luck.  A quick gulp of soda only made it worse.  My little kids
> started panicking and crying. I made it obvious I was choking.  My girl
> yelled that she didn't know what to do.  I knew I had to find another adult
> and quick.  Out of about 6 lazy and odd neighbors I chose the house where a
> (not fully citizen-status) Mexican family lives and ran up on their porch
> and yanked the door open.  The mother was sitting on the couch and I went
> through all the motions and whatnot that you'd expect a dying fella to do to
> get help.  She didn't understand.  I could barely get a gasp to say "I'm
> choking" but it didn't come out right.  She just looked at me. The kids were
> crying.  She followed me out on the porch.
> I was getting weak and my face probably went through 10 shades of purple
> before I grabbed the woman's arms and put them around me and showed her what
> to do.  She didn't do anything.  She didn't know what I was talking about.
>  Still, no air.  I was in trouble, but at the second, I realized I was
> *really* in trouble if she didn't understand what was going on.  Finally she
> attempted the motions but she wasn't doing it hard enough.  So I *barely*
> got enough gasp to say, Harder!, but again, it didn't come out in Spanish,
> nor nearly loud enough to be vocal.  The kids were hysterical.  I told my
> little boy it was going to be ok, which took my last bit of breath-effort
> and was almost inaudible.  Finally the lady started to improve... but it
> wasn't working! I tried with all my might to puke the damn chunk of steak up
> but it wasn't budging.  I could feel my passageway under serious pressure.
> Then at last, a miracle thrust to my gut from the woman resulted in....
> (giggle now, because I'm alive) a huge chunk of steak about 1 inch in
> diameter hurling through the air, across her porch... it rolled to a stop.
>  Actually, I saw it in slow motion so it took forever to come to a complete
> stop.   Slobber was all over the place and the kids were still crying, but a
> life was saved.  During her last thrusts I was also trying like hell to
> barf, so with all things combined, the obstacle was pursuaded to move.  I'm
> still in a little shock I guess.  In 41 years, nothing like that until now.
>  Get to know your neighbors, folks.  Learn some Spanish?  I refused the idea
> until now but tonight I'll *probably* Google up "I'm choking" and keep that
> on standby.
> Lessons learned: chew your food well, know thy neighbors, stay in shape so
> you can run fast.
> That is all.
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> Roger Taylor
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