[Coco] Play with NitrOS-9 over the Internet

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Mon Dec 28 22:48:31 EST 2009

At 04:33 PM 12/28/2009, you wrote:
> >>I'd like to congratulate everyone involved. This is an exciting 
> time for the coco >>community!
>(In my best Teal'c impression - Stargate fans will get it...) Indeed...
>This has been a good week for us CoCo enthusiasts.
>And for those who have been so occupied by the successes of Aaron, 
>Boisy and the others who contributed to this project to not see the 
>developments on CoCo3.com;
>Briza, Potatohead, Jason and Robert Gault have unlocked a 256 color 
>composite mode in the CoCo3. I don't pretend to understand the how's 
>and whatnots, but, you can go here to see:

>Again, this has been a good - no GREAT week for us CoCo enthusiasts.

Has anyone had a chance to burn and use the test copy of my CoCoNet 
ROM?  CoCoNet provides multiple solutions for CoCo file storage and transfers.
The final 1.0 release should have the remote printing working as well 
as Drive Pak partition adding/removing (although PART.BAS can do it).

Btw, current and potential Drive Pak customers will like to know that 
I plan to produce massive games and apps on MicroSD cards beginning 
in 2010.  Up to 2gb per game means there will be definately be HQ 
sound/music and graphics/video among other goodies.  The Drive Pak 
will be sold for as cheap as possible, sometimes below cost, in order 
to maximize the user base.

Some of the BASIC/ECB/DECB command enhancements in CoCoNet 1.x will 
allow for playing audio and animated graphics sequences ("video") 
from BASIC for anybody wanting to write their own large scale games 
or demos easier.

 From what I see with other projects and my own, 2010 should be even 
better than 2009.

~ Roger Taylor

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