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>> Boisy,
>>   Unable to telnet to your system. I have tried both the standard telnet
> command under a MSDOS window and thru Putty.
>> I get either "aes.dyndns.org" or "" does not exist.
> I'm using PuttyTel from a Windows 7 system.
> I had to manually enter 6809 as the port number.
> I was able to see the DrivewIre screen, and T6, but pressing Enter did
> nothing for me.

This is most likely because the Coco is currently very busy dumping a
large file from the server to the client.  You're seeing the connect
messages from the DriveWire server, but when the DW server then
connects you to a virtual port on the Coco, nothing happens because
the Coco is just too busy to talk right now.

Boisy decided to let the transfer continue as a stress test of the
system, so until it's done this condition will likely prevent any
connections from doing anything else.  Not sure when the transfer will
finish, but once it does things should return to normal.  If you (or
anyone else) really want to play with OS-9 tonight, send me an email
and I'll hook one up here that you can get in to.

We've already discussed some ways to make situations like this work
better and allow other connections to be responsive whilst one or more
is transferring data.  I believe we will be able to smooth things out
in a future version.

> PuttyTel has an option to use ^M for Enter. When I tried setting that
> option, PuttyTel wouldn't respond.
> I don't know what character(s) tsmon expects to see when the user presses
> enter.
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