[Coco] Play with NitrOS-9 over the Internet

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Mon Dec 28 00:37:48 EST 2009

On Monday 28 December 2009, Boisy G. Pitre wrote:
>Joel's list of the dw.log file (which is 900+K long) is still running, and
> is using up all of the DriveWire bandwidth.  It has another 400K left to
> go.  The server is still responding to SERREADM requests from the CoCo
> which is good.  This is a great stress test, but will keep the CoCo too
> busy to respond to other requests for a while yet.
>It should be done by morning and tsmons should once again be responsive.
>Boisy G. Pitre

A good excuse for me to go check out my bed. ;-)

Cheers, Gene
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