[Coco] Drivewire for dummies?

William Schaub wschaub at steubentech.com
Wed Dec 23 11:27:33 EST 2009

On 12/23/09 12:40, Boisy G. Pitre wrote:
> Sorry for not coming in quick enough on this thread.  I need to clear up something.
> The cassette loader code is not HDB-DOS for DriveWire.  It is a small piece of code that requests track 34 from the DriveWire server and jumps to $2602 (exactly how the DOS command works).  This code is used to boot directly into a NitrOS-9 disk image.  It is not suitable for doing what you want to do (use Disk BASIC disk images).
> I haven't thought about making HDB-DOS cassette-loadable itself.  It could be done but I just haven't done it.  I'll try it out sometime today and see if I can come up with something.
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> Boisy G. Pitre
> http://www.tee-boy.com/
> On Dec 23, 2009, at 6:09 AM, Jeremy Michea wrote:
If you could that would be really useful to me. I have a coco2 and a 
coco1 that could benefit from that.
I still have the disk based version of drivewire 2 that I can use on 
those. but I do prefer to avoid moving parts and physical disk drives on 
my coco machines as much as possible. The coco1 and coco2 I don't use as 
often as the coco3 so being able to
load HDB-DOS from cassette would be great. also it provides a way for 
anyone to test out drivewire and decide if they want to buy a ROM pak 
for it or not.

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