[Coco] Drivewire for dummies?

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Tue Dec 22 21:56:30 EST 2009

Aaron Wolfe wrote:

> You can use DriveWire in two ways without any disk controller.  One is
> to get a ROM pak with one of the DriveWire roms in it.  However, there
> is another option which does not require any hardware (other than a
> coco cassette cable).  Boisy has created a .WAV file of the DriveWire
> code that can be loaded via the cassette port and EXECed.  You can
> play the .WAVs from your PC or an MP3 player.  In this way, you
> wouldn't need any hardware at all!  Maybe he can elaborate on this
> option.

OK, I was sloppy when using controller instead of ROM pack. Most users 
will want the code in ROM so that hitting RESET or ALT/CTRL/RESET does 
not destroy the disk software.

I had not thought to try using a .wav or .cas file to load either 
Drivewire or CoCoNet. That's a very good idea if you feed the wave file 
directly from the PC to the Coco's cassette jack.

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