[Coco] Single board Pentium computer... "CoCo4" or Drivewire server material?

George Ramsower georgeramsower at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 22:44:17 EST 2009

 This isn't really a reply to the previous posts on this but, it got me to thinking....

Uh, oh!

  A Coco 4 would need the expansion slot. (period!) A Coco 4 would not have that with the new hardware available today.

  Could a USB port be used to transfer data to and from an adapter?

  These new USB ports are fast...
  Could a driver in an emulator on a really fast computer(or not) could interpret, pass interrupts and process this incoming data and respond to the calls and data as if it were really a coco on the other end of the wire?
  This, of course, would require a small amount of hardware. A Coco card slot with a USB port on it. It seems with the modern  chips we have, it would be possible. I have no idea about how much this little board would cost to build and most of all, how much programming it would entail, but I'm just tossing this into the discussion.

  Huh? Is that a good idea or am I a bone head for bringing this up?

(One hour since Happy Hour was over)



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