[Coco] crazy ebay ad

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sun Dec 13 22:26:55 EST 2009

On Sunday 13 December 2009, Dave Kelly wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> Seeing this, wonder what a Coco with the serail # 00000001 would bring?
>> You keep tempting us with that Dave, how about a pix?
>Gene, I wish I could. It belongs to Lee Veal. I saw it twice. Once at
>the Dallas Coco Groups meeting and again in Chicago.
>Several years ago, he retired from the City of Dallas and he and his
>wife moved back to her home town of San Miguel de Allende. I exchanged
>several emails with him and he posted here some.
>I received an email that his wife had been diagnosed with cancer and a
>year or so later one that said she had passed on. Have not heard from
>him since. ( Dennis is he stilled subscribe here? If so ask him to join
>in? ).
>He and David  Whordell were at the Tandy outlet in Ft Worth and found a
>whole pallet of Coco's, he could have bought 1 through 25. Last I heard
>he had it locked up in a safety deposit box somewhere.
>Sorry, no pix, just memories.
Too bad.  If Lee shows up, and I hope he does, maybe he can supply the pix.
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Cheers, Gene
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