[Coco] os9/drivewire driver: success!

Aaron Wolfe aawolfe at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 22:10:08 EST 2009

Hi John,

I hope your holidays are going well.  I have made an awful lot of
progress on the DriveWire stuff since you shared the pty code with me,
but I've hit a wall and I think this code might be a way to help
figure out what is going on.
Basically I've got some really cool new functionality 99% done,
including a coco side FTP client, a coco util that can grab URL
content (works much like wget in linux), the ability to list
filesystems on the DW server from the coco and copy files back and
forth with a copy command.. all kinds of cool stuff.    And there is
one horrible, nasty bug that is ruining everything :(

Anyway, back to your code.. I think it can be combined with the
bitbanger code in MESS and provide a bitbanger <-> pty interface.
This would allow me to debug the DW OS-9 side stuff in the MESS
debugger, which would make it so much easier to hunt down this bug
(the bug causes the coco to go insane at very specific points which
are just seeingly impossible to get close to without some kind of

 I am totally new to MESS and not great with C, was just wondering if
you had any tips or examples that might be useful.  You mentioned
using the pty code with mess, seems like a very handy thing to do but
I'm struggling to figure out how to use it.  Any insight or code
examples you have time to pass along would be very much appreciated.
I'll be beating my head against this for a while :)


On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 3:12 PM, John W. Linville <linville at tuxdriver.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 09, 2009 at 01:53:47PM -0500, Aaron Wolfe wrote:
>> I think a PTY is a great idea.   Doing the terminal support in a
>> proper terminal program like minicom makes more sense than writing
>> my own client.  My only concern is that im not sure if Windows users
>> will be left out in the cold, but that doesnt bother me too much tbh.
>> Mac os x should support pty with a little wrangling.
> I'm pretty sure OSX has at least some version of PTY support.
> I Googled a bit for win32 APIs (of which I am blissfully ignorant)
> but didn't find anything specific.  However, there seem to be some
> implementations out ther -- maybe cygwin or uwin or something would
> support it?
>> If you have anything in c that does a pty, i'd love to see the code.
>> I'm much more comfortable in c than in os9 assembler, but no need to
>> duplicate work if i don't have to.
> I'll attach the source for the MESS code I use.  It seems reasonably
> clear, but feel free to ask questions if you haven't MESSed your
> brain yet. :-)
>> Thanks, i should have thought of using a pty, glad you did!
> Hey, anything I can do to get you to make my life better... :-)
> John
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