[Coco] This tickles me....

Sean badfrog at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 01:27:42 EDT 2008

I know I'm part of the base you don't like... I want to play the games
on the emulators, otherwise I don't have a lot of reason for playing
around on the CoCo anymore...

Now, had some Linus Torvalds equivalent made an open-source OS9 for
the PC about 15 years ago... Well, that could have been pretty sweet.
I really miss the modules and OS layout, it would have been really
good on the PC.  Multiple terminals and windows back in 1990... Put
MS-DOS to shame!

On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 7:53 PM, Chuck Youse
<cyouse at serialtechnologies.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-10-23 at 21:54 -0500, George Ramsower wrote:
>>  I'm fairly sure this stuff wouldn't happen as often if we could keep the
>> subjects in line with the directive of this list group.
> Actually, when I do bring up things that are on-topic - usually me
> asking detailed questions about NitrOS-9 - they're more often than not
> ignored.  I don't know if it's because no one knows the answers, or if
> those in the know don't care to respond.  I'm still waiting for any
> insight as to why V.PAGE isn't used in the Coco version of OS-9, and if
> anyone thinks it's unwise to appropriate it for Multi-Pak slot
> information.  Funny how Boisy, King of NitrOS-9 Hill, only seems to pipe
> up to turn on that Cajun charm and call for my ejection from the list
> (Jesus would have done the same, I'm sure), or defend one of his
> wares.
> I was just beginning to inventory my Coco crap to either off-load on
> e-bay or chuck (I'm proud that my nickname is a common slang term, I
> think only guys named Richard really have me beat on that one).  I've
> got tons of Coco crap in my lab and in my tiny midtown apartment - just
> seems that the Coco has become a gigantic waste of space and time, and
> the remnants of the Coco community just aren't all that dynamic any
> more.  There remains much interesting work that can be done with our
> 8-bit buddy, especially on the NitrOS-9 side in terms of consolidation,
> clean-up, and even "Coco 4" type development, just for pure hack value.
> But sadly there is only a very small audience for such things.  The
> greatest base seems to be people playing games in emulators, which is
> unfortunate.
> Anyway, Hail Satan, kill the babies, get your gay on, etc. etc.
> C.
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