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>> >> Ah yes, Terry would have explored that quite well for our amusement.
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>> >Indeed he has.  Most explicitly in his novel _The Truth_.
>> Which I don't recall reading, but if I notice it the next time I'm in the
>> bookstore (probably looking for a Sketchup 4 Dummies book), I'll try and
>> remember it, sounds like a good read.  Thanks Ward.
>It involves the introduction of moveable type printing presses into
> Ankh-Morpork and the start of the first newspaper there.  (We get a view of
> Mr. Vimes from the outside for a change).  The specific bit involves the
> employment of trolls at the recycling center.  Owned by Harry King,
> formerly known as Piss Harry but lately as King of the Golden River:
>"They didn't wonder what happened to the full buckets, but Harry King had
> learned something that can be the key to great riches: there is very
> little, however disgusting, that isn't used somewhere in some industry. 
> There are people out there who _want_ large quantities of ammonia and
> saltpeter.  If you can't sell it to the alchemists then the farmers
> probably want it.  If even the farmers don't want it then there is nothing,
> _nothing_, however gross, that you can't sell to the tanners."
>and on the next page (150 in the US hardcover):
>"A small door within the large gates was opened by a troll.  Harry was very
> forward-looking when it came to employing the nonhuman races, and had been
> among the first employers in the city to give a job to a troll.  As far as
> organic substances were concerned, they had no sense of smell."
Sounds like a must read.  Thanks.

>For Terry's inspiration on Harry's background, this is the best link I've
> found:
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