[Coco] coco3.com

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sat Jun 14 19:01:36 EDT 2008

At 12:23 PM 6/14/2008, you wrote:
>I know I privately emailed you many times over the course of my 
>order (and you got everything sent out to me). I want to appologize 
>- I had no clue about this. I knew that CoCo3.com was a "labor of 
>love" (anything CoCo nowadays has to be, like any other 8-bit 
>system), but I didn't know your situation, or any of the other stuff.
>I do want you to know I wasn't trying to rush you with my emails - I 
>just wanted an update - maybe you didn't have the time, but an 
>explanation like you just posted would have clued me in better. 
>Plus, if you were struggling on the shipping, you should have let me know.
>Even now, if I owe you shipping costs, let me know what they are and 
>I will paypal them over to you.
>Everybody who ordered - let's be patient with Roger, it sounds like 
>he has a lot on his plate. Now, I do say this as someone whose order 
>has been fulfilled, so others who are still waiting may think "easy 
>for you to say". But, I must say I waited a long time as well to get 
>all of my order in. It did all come in, though - so just be patient 
>(it is all worth it, too - especially the games!).
>-- Andrew L. Ayers, Glendale, Arizona

As I said, I've got things whittled down to about 10 orders after 
which things should be ok.  ....  Plan B !!

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