[Coco] My Flikr wedding photostream

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Gene, Only one is "attached" to Catherine. He's Carl Nino, and he's just 2 
years old. You'll see him in a couple of pictures with Catherine and I. The 
others are sister and nephews and nieces.

I'm hoping to adopt Carl as my own son.
Also, I'm hoping to bring Catherine and Carl to Australia, at least for a 
holiday, and then try to make her a citizen.

I also want to be a citizen of Philippines, if possible; taking on dual 

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>>Sorry, guys.
>>Please try this link:
>>Hope that works for you.
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>>>> On Tuesday 03 June 2008, Bob Devries wrote:
>>>> >Here's a link to my Flikr Photostream. It has pictures of my wedding 
>>>> >to
>>>> > Catherine.
>>>> >
>>>> >http://www.flickr.com/welcome/30250495/975516/
> That's MUCH better.  How many of the children there came with Catherine?
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