[Coco] Jeweled board game progress

John Guin johnguin at hotmail.com
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Say Roger,

This is looking great!  Keep us posted on the progress.

I've never done any game programming before and have a question.  Did you
start with the graphics first, or with the logic of the rules of the game?
I could see getting blocked on either if you aren't careful.

Oh, and my Mary and the Bees high score is 1113.


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Check out the new screenshots of the basic layout of the Jeweled game 
I'm almost done with.  Clicking on the thumbnail will show a bigger shot.

The new game is coming along well.  I've got the page flipping down 
which uses the Bjork-suggested method of having 3 32k screens.  One 
is the backdrop screen, and the other two are alternated to allow 
smooth flicker-free animation.  The sprites are moving pretty fast 
considering how many there are.  Count'em... there's 64!    I've got 
their delta movements set to travel in a demo fashion so I can see 
the speed imrovements while I optimize the code even more.  It's not 
typical code, though.  Loops are reduced or eliminated, values are 
precalculated wherever possible, stack-blasting is used to save lots 
of cycles, and ofcourse the ADDD # instruction is used instead of ORA 
# and ORB # in the mask/overlay code.

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