[Coco] curses, foiled yet againRe: Virtual Memory in OS-9

Willard Goosey goosey at virgo.sdc.org
Fri Jan 25 05:00:30 EST 2008

On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 04:29:51AM -0500, William Schaub wrote:
> When you say it duplicates and expands on curses does it actually have 
> the same interface as programming for curses?

They're similar.  It's been too long since I did any serious curses
hacking to really say how similar they are.  Curses could probably be
mostly faked with a set of convert-the-args type functions, or
possibly even macros.

CGFX, however, is set up to run on the OS-9 windint text & graphics
screens.  It is documented in the Multivue manual, or you can download
the newest version, cgfx7, from RTSI.

> my only interest in getting curses running would be to try and get some 
> unix curses apps running on os9. and I would like eventually to get a 
> multiuser OS9 running, and having a library that can drive terminals 
> other than the OS9 console would be nice. 

Yeah, support for intelligent serial terminals is kind of hit-and-miss
on the CoCo.  We have termcap, a weird work-alike called termset, and
a few of the big apps (dynacalc?) have their own terminal-independant

Partly, I suppose, because most CoCos only have one or two real
serial ports (the bit-banger doesn't count as a "real" serial port --
one you can hook a modem or a terminal up to and use at >300bps under
OS-9) and so most of us don't bother with a terminal.

>You guys don't have to spin your wheels on this if you don't feel
>like it.

I think curses would be a useful lib to have available under OS-9.

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